Internationally inspired designs and solutions crafted for local conditions

Firm Profile

We listen to the land as well as those who will connect with it through:

  • Project planning and management for luxurious properties of distinction.
  • A more creative and collaborative approach on development where vibrant visions are carried throughout all phases of the project.

Allée client partners are welcomed to be as involved in the process as they choose to be. A process that is well-balanced between the quantitative and the qualitative, that results in the planning, design, and execution of projects that are adventurous, authentic, immersive, and visually appealing.

Allée provides individualized personal attention as well as knowledge, guidance, and creativity.

Founder Profile

Amanda is a creative placemaker with over 15 years of design experience creating innovative, aesthetic places in the real estate development and design industries and has received her BLA from the University of Florida, as well as an MBA, and is active in the professional and service communities.

Trekking through lush rainforests, exploring some of the world’s preeminent botanical gardens, and touring native biomes provides a rare global perspective to draw upon when creating themes, and character in designs. Extensive international travel, in more than 30 countries, has given Allee’s founder, Amanda Staerker, in-depth knowledge of a wealth of architectural styles, diverse cultures, customs, and materials, which influence the firm’s designs and projects, and give them their unique identity.

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